Finding the RAAF Mk35A Vampire plane wing for our first release was such a wonderful situation to find ourselves in.

Being able to save and share some of this historic and iconic aircraft with everybody was lovely.

This past six or so months has been spent locating some more great aircraft for upcoming releases. Some of which are currently being cut, with the tag and backing card design underway.


With that said, we are always after more for future releases!

We would also love to continue to produce some uniquely Aussie tags, whether that be Australian made aircraft, or aircraft that were used here.

Australia, unlike other parts of the world. (We are looking at you USA and Spain), does not really have any large-scale boneyards full of aircraft awaiting their inevitable and often sad fates. They are often scrapped in tiny scrapyards across the country and often we find out too late. This was the case earlier this year with an Ansett Jet that would have been incredible to tag.

Yes, we have Asia-Pacific Aircraft Storage in Alice Springs but that is more storage rather than the end of the line.


If you happen to know the whereabouts of any aircraft waiting to be scrapped, sitting in a field looking rather sad or even larger aircraft panels, please send us an email or DM us on facebook or instagram.

It doesn’t matter if it's a large commercial jet, a little bug smasher or even something ex-military.

The only requirement is it must not have been involved in a fatal crash or be part of a memorial, and it must be legal to own etc.

We can’t wait to show you the tags we have coming up, we are super excited. If you are a fan of RAAF Aircraft then some of these should really make you happy. 


Nick and Max.