Telling the story

Every aircraft has a story to tell. Too often this story ends with being abandoned on a farm, field or boneyard.
Not a very glamorous end to what is a very interesting and storied life. 
At AusTags we are always on the look out for aircraft, both military and commercial to salvage and to tell the story of these
wonderful aircraft.
It is a privilege to be able to rescue parts of these planes and helicopters and giving them a second chance to once again travel
along with you.

Preserving the pieces

Once an aircraft is selected, sections are hand cut from the fuselage.
When picking these sections of skin, our aim is to find unique pieces that truly reflect the story of the airframe.
Capturing the aircrafts "fingerprint" with many varied colours, liveries, patina and graphics.
Making each piece original and one of a kind.

Jigsaw Puzzle

After cutting down these larger fuselage sections, each individual tag is cut with a high powered water jet.
Creating the AusTag shape. Perfect for displaying or using as a baggage tag.

Finishing the tags

Every tag is individually laser engraved with the aircrafts make, model, tail number or registration and outline of the aircraft. Each tag is numbered as a limited edition, making your tag truly one of a kind.
The tags are then attached by hand to their backing card, containing information about the planes history.

(Test engraving for the Mk35a Vampire tags)