Cut & Ready For Engraving

The good news keeps coming.

After a few unavoidable delays, we finally have our Vampire tags cut and ready for engraving. We know we are biased but we think they look amazing. Water jet cutting is definitely the way to go. The finished result looks really great and we think you will love them.

We have ended up with wonderful combos of varying colours and patterns, lots of solids (silver, blue, red, zinc chromate) and also some very special looking tags with writing on them.

A lot of the tags have the addition of rivet holes in various spots on the tags.


For those that love their tags on the thicker side, there are definitely some very thick ones in this bunch. 


The first AusTags release of our Vampire tags will be an edition of 200.

We are on the home stretch.

Thank you so much for all the support, we really appreciate it.